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      “I created Tannkco to alleviate the quandary of parents in their search for affordable quality clothing and  because you shouldn’t have to break the bank to buy quality clothing for your kids in Africa.”


      “It would be great for families to go on vacation and actually spend quality time together, creating memories, instead of shopping for clothes all day… which was my plight for many years.”





      WHO WE ARE


      We are a children’s apparel company based in Nigeria with worldwide delivery. We offer affordable quality clothing for kids age 0-10years, with the intention of moving up to age 15 in the near future.




      Our founder couldn’t find basic t-shirts, shorts, dresses and clothing essentials for her children without spending a ton of money  or encountering poor quality and substandard clothing. Her first solution was to spend anytime she had abroad, shopping for the kids and even shopping for the future! This put a damper on family time and also resulted in waste, as she would purchase more than was required for each child, out of fear of not having enough for them.


      We found that she wasn’t the only one experiencing this frustration, and with this TANNKCO was created!


      Tannkco provides quality basics and trendy outfits for children at an affordable rate.


      We ensure that all our clothing and accessories are of great quality and comfortable enough for children to play in and trendy enough for them to attend events in.


      Tannkco is your go-to brand for all things children!




      Curating and producing affordable clothing for the day-today lives of children and through this evoking a sense of authenticity, philantropy, community and style.




      To inspire our community to believe our children are a better version of ourselves and to invest in them for a better future.